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The recently coined “All Lives Matters” slogan may sound harmless from a distance. Who wouldn’t agree that life breathed into any human being is valuable?

But when used amid the racially volatile climate America is in it right now, it would behoove any logical, well-meaning person to understand that All Lives Matter is nothing but a slap in the face to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and all that it stands for.

It’s particularly disturbing when the argument for All Lives Matter is co-signed by Black people themselves.

Exhibits A and B: Raven-Symoné and Terry McMillan, author of “Waiting To Exhale.”

The two prominent Black women, who surely have experienced their share of racial discrimination or bias, hopped on the bandwagon of folk who say the Black Lives Matter movement is exclusionary and suggests that other non-Black lives are not as important.

McMillan recently caught heat on Twitter when she wrote, “How about the people in Syria being killed. Mexicans. Those on Flight 370, et. al. I guess their lives didn’t matter.”

Raven had a similar argument during a past episode of “The View,” where she recommended that the Black Lives Matter movement open itself up to include all people.

Clearly McMillan and Raven–and anybody who agrees with them–fail to grasp the motivation behind BLM’s existence. The movement was birthed out of a national uproar against the unjustifable killings of Black people and the criminal justice system failing them time and time again in holding their killers responsible. Founded by three Black women, it initially began as a social media campaign to bring awareness to a trend that no one wanted to recognize until Black Twitter forced the world to pay attention. All thanks to the power of the hashtag.
Mainstream media wasn’t pushing the stories to the forefront about Black young men and women being brutally shot by white cops…at least not until social media shook the hinges off racism’s door. Knowing these facts, one should never fix their mouths to suggest that Black Lives Matter is exclusionary, when in fact, it was the very exclusionary circumstances of Black Americans that forced its conception in the first place.
BLM isn’t so much about taking attention away from other “lives” as it is about reminding the rest of America that African Americans are worthy of the same respect and protections afforded to non-Black people. The respect they’ve always been afforded. The very fact that a movement with such a bold name is what it took to even get the kind of attention it has is really a disgrace to this country. Were the countless videos of police brutality and racially motivated killings not enough? Why has it taken so many years?

Black Lives Matter does not imply that they are the only lives that matter, and anyone who believes that misses the point. All Lives Matter is nothing more than a distraction purposely intended to dilute all the efforts made by activists to put an end to institutionalized racism.
Why is it that every single thing Black Americans touch is watered down by the masses? Can we have anything to ourselves? They take our music, our neighborhoods and our lives. The least you can let us have is our own social movement.

One could go on and on about the BLM vs. ALM debate, but the fact remains that Black lives are the only ones that appear to be ignored and left on pavements in their own puddles of blood. Any argument that doesn’t acknowledge that is nothing but a distraction.

Stay woke, people.

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