EBONY: ‘Kanye West and the Black Man’s Burden’

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Check out my latest opinion piece on EBONY.com…

With the country’s divisiveness as of late, one thing we all can agree on is that Kanye West is a bit much. Even President Barack Obama agrees.

Once again, the controversial Chicagoan has made headlines for tussling with a paparazzo for his camera outside the LAX airport, because the pap broke Kanye’s golden rule: do not talk to him…ever! Now, ‘Ye may be facing felony charges for attempted robbery. On the surface, this is a classic case of someone trying to get a little cash for his troubles (it’s reported the cameraman also suffered injuries), but from another vantage point, Kanye’s scuffle, along with his other countless antics over the years, speaks to a larger issue.

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