Black Students Less Likely To Hook Up Than White Students

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Contrary to the long withstanding belief that Black youth are hyper-sexualized and mischievous, studies conclude that African-American college students are less likely to party and hook up than their white counterparts.

Lingering racism may be a contributing factor in the decision-making of Black students, according to a report by Slate. Because Blacks have been traditionally stereotyped as hypersexual, it’s hypothesized that they choose not to engage in too much sexual activity in risk of falling in line with that convention.

Slate reports:

African-American students are less likely to hook up than white students. Sociological studies suggest that lingering racism plays a part: Black people have been traditionally stereotyped as hypersexual (trigger warning: see the “jezebel” and “mandingo” stereotypes). So, for black men and women, embracing sexual freedom can bring individual rewards, but also risks affirming harmful beliefs about African-Americans. In response, some black people feel the need to perform a politics of respectability. Rashawn Ray and Jason Rosow, for example, in a comparison of black and white fraternities, found that black men’s resistance to negative racial stereotypes sometimes involved being “good” and following mainstream social norms of appearance and behavior.

In addition, white and wealthy students are more likely to engage in American hookup culture due to a sense of entitlement and have a level of confidence that they will graduate from college with relative ease and, therefore, feel more comfortable partying.



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