New Song: Beyonce ‘Standing On The Sun’ [Full HQ Version]

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Beyonce’s island jam “Standing on The Sun” has finally been released in full. The release of the song comes after it was first premiered in an H&M commercial, where the singer sings and dances on the beach (similar to her music video “Baby Boy“), and performing it live during her international tour The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Much like the snippets and live showings, Standing on The Sun is festive and very much reggae inspired.

Listen to the carnival tune below:

I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the song when I first saw the H&M commercial, but after watching Bey’s live version of the song and seeing the dynamics that only she could pull off, I was able to see the bigger picture. In fact, this wouldn’t be a bad single choice – considering it seems like Bey is going for a more international sound evidenced by this song and the African-tribal influences in Grown Woman. 

As reported earlier, Bey is still working on her album so all of the songs that have been released so far could possibly be scratched from the project entirely. Until that happens, Standing is an ideal song to play this summer on the beach, so get your bathing suit and stereo ready.


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