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Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a devastating blow for Bershan Shaw. At just 33, she was faced with a reality no woman is ever prepared for.

“You should be living your life. You should be thinking about your career, marriage, kids…not breast cancer,” Shaw tells Centric of her 2007 diagnosis.

Though she underwent successful radiation, two years later her cancer came back. This time at stage 4.

“I walked out [the doctor’s office] and said ‘I will live.’ I got on my knees outside the door and was like ‘God, please let me be a vessel,” Shaw recalls. “Let me be a motivational speaker to millions of women around the globe that they can beat this disease. I’m going to show them that they can beat it.’”

Seven years later, Shaw is cancer free and using her two-time cancer survival story to do just that.

With her social networking site,, and her book “365 Ways To Challenge You To A Better Life,” Shaw is empowering women across the country and around the world to find their inner warrior.

“Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook, I have,” she says of the website, which gives users a platform to chat with others about life and any struggles they may be dealing with.

“On Facebook you don’t talk about that stuff. You’re like ‘look at my new car, my new house. But you’re not saying ‘I’m home depressed taking pills. I don’t want to live anymore. I hate my life.” provides people with online forums, webinairs and video chat sessions with Shaw, to let them know they are not alone.

Some may remember Shaw as a reality star on Oprah‘s “Love In The City,” which followed her and friends conquering New York City while juggling careers and romance. The show, Shaw says, was a major springboard for her brand as a motivational speaker. She now speaks at colleges, churches, women’s empowerment symposiums, and the like.Shaw says her scary bout with cancer is used as a lesson for others dealing with adversities in their life, whether it’s cancer or not. Having almost lost her life to the disease, she more than anyone knows the urgency of now.

“Tomorrow may not come. We may not have any second chances,” Shaw says of one of her many mantras she tells others.

It’s her hope that through her work with URAWarrior, she will inspire women, and men, to grab life by the horns like the warriors they were meant to be. Much like the very cosmic woman who gave her a shot at television.

“Watch out, Oprah!” she says (laughing).

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